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January 3, 2016

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Famous quotes from Dr. Robert H. Schuller

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“Anybody who succeeds is helping people. The secret to success is find a need and fill it; find a hurt and heal it; find a problem and solve it.”


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Dateline: January 24, 2016 – Posted: 1:30 PM PST – Sunday Attendance Count Method reminder–

As reported on the “slider” at the top of the Main Page, attendance for Sunday, January 24, 2016 as reported to Pens-Opinion is 961. Remember, this figure is the total count of everyone in the service, including choir, orchestra, pastors, ushers, visiting choir (if there is one present) as there was today.

Hence, there are 45 in the Hour of Power Choir, The visiting choir this Sunday was the Luther Nordic Choir from Decorah, Iowa comprised 75 singers. Therefore, the actual count of both the Hour of Power Choir and the Luther Nordic Choir totals 120 witch reduces the count of 961 to 841.That figure would be reduced  further by the number of ushers present also.

Just a reminder!

Schuller Estate Sale A

Schuller Estate Sale B

Schuller Estate Sale C

Carol Schuller Milner

Yesterday at 11:26am

Recipient of exponential kindness at Schuller Garage Sale on Sunday evidenced by the supporters who were very generous in their purchasing power (you know who you are McCleans and Linda d A - to name a few) and my help-mates: Matt & Tricia Grosch (who "signed" me up at the crack of dawn), Debbie Bergholtz (who upon ending her shift as flight attendant - all night work - came straight to Schuller's to help sell), Suzanne Sands (who abandoned a house guest for me), and Cathy Palazzo (trekking her graphic art guru self down from Pasadena to play "Merchandiser" - note our babushka donned crane) made me love REAL church again. Then, upon closing up shop my comrades rumbled in with their vehicles to haul the remnants to Goodwill, leaving me with a job all done. To top it off they treated me to dinner and a LOT of laughter. After the past years of slogging through difficulty beyond what I thought I could endur, this girl feels like she was given a God Spa. And she fell in love again with what she signed up for as a youngster - the Kingdom in actionCarol Schuller Milner

January 24 at 7:48am · 

SCHULLER GARAGE SALE TODAY: 4003 E La Veta St Orange 8-3

Carol Schuller Milner

January 24 at 7:18am · 

SCHULLER GARAGE SALE TODAY: BOOKS... BOOKS... BOOKS... from my father's library will be part of a small sale today. Since most of the items are of little to no value (monetarily and sentimentally) for our family, I didn't think my FB friends would be interested (old kitchen stuff, etc.) UNTIL... this a.m. started setting out the books from the boxes amongst the garage sale collection and there are so many good, brand newe, God books (hayford, Osteen, E Stanley Jones...) So... join us if you LOVE books! 8 a.m. - 3 p.m

Carol Schuller Milner added 2 new photos.

January 11 at 6:45pm · 

Schuller Organ For Sale: The estate is selling a Rodgers Pipe Organ from the home of Dr. and Mrs. Schuller. This was Arvella's personal organ but it would also be perfect for a church. Keep your ears open and message me if you have a church that might be interested.

More Sales from Dr. Schuller's Home (message me with interest): 
Wyland painting (signed from Wyland to Dr. Schuller)
Wyland Bronze - Large "Turtle Dance" 
Michael Maiden Bronze Eagle in Flight - Large
Michael Maiden Bronze Eagle Bust
Fontanini Nativity - signed (very large)
Arvella Jewelry

The response to the piano was so great and so rewarding to know that folks who loved my parents would be the new owners rather than strangers. Those who know me know I am NOT a salesman - very awkward for me - but I was so touched with the warmth you all sent. I covet your continued prayers as I navigate this season of closure for our family.Carol Schuller Milner added 3 new photos.

December 19, 2015 · Orange, CA · 

Dr. Schuller's Piano For Sale: The estate is selling a beautiful Schimmel grand from our family home, treasured and cared for, meticulously, by Mrs. Schuller (and played often by their friend Roger Williams). If you are interested, message me for details

Outstanding performance in church today, 02/07 by the Hour of Power Orchestra directed by Dr. Marc Riley, the Hour of Power Choir, directed by Don Neuen and our musical favorite Ken Medema ...  Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Schuller's home is officially for sale. The asking price is $1,890.000.00 ...  Barnwood wall behind the orchestra to display letters to the Hour of Power received from viewers ... Letters will be displayed until barnwood removed and new decor installed ... 30 Hour of Power staff members scheduled to move to church campus soon to occupy vacancy left when school moved ... Garden Grove, California weather for Sunday, 02/07 - Sunny - Low 59°  - High 87° ...

Dateline: January 27, 2016 – Posted: 10:00 PM PST – Contributed by a reader who wishes to remain anonymous regarding news of the Schuller Estate Sale reported on Carol Schuller Milner’s Facebook Page.

Dateline: February 3, 2016 – Dr and Mrs Schuller's home has been officially put on the real estate market for $1,890,000.00. It's in the multiple listing service for Orange County realtor association. The pictures of this home are breathtaking.

Dr. Robert H. Schuller first purchased the acreage that would come to be known as Hewes Park Estates in 1972. Originally a park designed by the Pasadena architect who designed Busch Gardens, he immediately recognized the irreplaceable beauty of the trees. Over 100 years old many, including a ficus with a base circumference of a small swimming pool and close to 100 feet tall, tower into our OC sky and shade 3 Koi ponds, 2 with waterfalls. From the gated drive you enter another private world far away from busy Orange County. Over time Schuller added to the modest home large elegant-casual rooms that invite in the outdoor garden views including a jaw-dropping library modeled after an Oxford hall. The library is presidential in size. This sprawling single level home truly embraces the stunning park like grounds through its many windows. Flooded with light this home is both vast and intimate. Ideal for entertaining there is great flow both inside and out. There is a private pool and spa area gated from the rest of the yard. There are four fireplaces, extensive mill-work, custom built-ins and crown moldings. The level of detail is unrivaled. You absolutely do not want to miss this historic, once-in-a-lifetime, purchase opportunity to own a piece of history.

Listing agent’s description of Dr. Robert H. Schuller’s home that is listed for sale

A Fund Raiser for Veterans and

Trinity Christian Schools