Dateline: Sunday, March 22, 2015 – Posted 8:45 PM PDT – Announced from the Pulpit today at Shepherd’s Grove. Chad Blake is named Executive Pastor. That can only mean that Pastor Bill Bennett, who until this announcement today held the title Executive Pastor.

Does this mean Pastor Bill Bennett has been “thrown under the bus?”

And no, we are not casting any aspersions toward Chad Blake. He’s just the “young guy” replacing the “the old guy.”  Remember, Bobby doesn’t like the so-called “white hairs.”

By the way, Pastor Bill Bennett was a “left over” from the Crystal Cathedral staff of pastors as is Jim Kok and Glenn DeMaster.  One can only guess which of these two are on the “hit list” next.  Maybe it could be both all though we fervently hope not.

Dateline: March 16, 2015 – For the past two or so months we have been receiving email messages from donors large and small citing the following reasons why they are no longer giving to Shepherd’s Grove until certain conditions are met. See below:

No donations until the “leadership”. . .

1. provides financial data for...

                  the year 2014, including if there was a “profit” or “loss” and what the disposition

 current weekly income for SG (Traditional, Contemporary, Evening service), HOP and the school.

 current WTD (Week To Date) budget for SG (Traditional, Contemporary, Evening service), HOP and the school.

 current monthly expenses for SG (Traditional, Contemporary, Evening service), HOP and the school.

2. identifies all outstanding debts.

3. provides substantiating data for the closing of the school.

4. provides follow up for the promises made in the Dec 7, 2014 congregational meeting.

Dateline: March 16, 2015 – Posted 9:00 PM PDT –Yesterday a curious confrontation took place on the plaza at Shepherd’s Grove during the contemporary service.  Yours truly, the webmaster, my wife and two close friends were sitting at one the tables on the plaza.  We were discussing the so-called “leadership’s” plans to close the Academy and we were formulating a strategy to keep the school open, if not at Shepherd’s Grove, then somewhere else in less hostile territory.  Since we have been building the Academy Pages on this website to generate interest in saving an excellent Christian school with a a track record of providing an excellent academic and fine arts education, it has been no secret  - this website favors keeping the school open.

Suddenly, the four of us caught a high velocity object coming toward us as if it had been propelled from somewhere toward the north. The “object” was none other that Geoff Madison. From where I sat, I could almost imagine the word, “AGENDA” stamped in bold type on his forehead - his forward speed seemed to indicate purpose and dedication.

Don’t recognize the name,? We’ll give you the background as we understand it. Geoff is a former youth pastor from somewhere in Washington state. As pastor Chad Blake’s father-in-law - Hilary Blake’s father, he was brought to Shepherd’s Grove to join the “nepotism club” and fill the position Family Life Pastor after he lost his job in Washington.

Since this whole brouhaha over the closing of the school came from nowhere, we have been trying to the identity of the instigator. After this fellow Geoff swooped in and landed himself in a chair, in a matter of a few short minutes we had a pretty good idea who the instigator is. He dived right in and began a lecture on how schools should not be attached to churches because the underprivileged can’t afford the tuition. One in our group who is financially successful pointed out that he could fund some underprivileged youth. So our wiz kid party crasher asked with a straight face, “can you afford to fund a million kids– its about equality!”  I interjected, “there is equality at birth, but no equality of outcomes. That’s the real world.” Sorry to say that comment vaporized in a nanosecond after it left my lips. I don’t think he “got it.”

Fortunately for our group of four, we had a 1 o’clock meeting to join a few others at a local restaurant– they are also part of our “save the school” team.  So, we gracefully declined to continue with “Pastor” Geoff and left, since we all were stunned and embarrassed by what he had to say.

Members of the local congregation, Hour of Power viewers, members of the Greater LA, Orange County community, we feel complaisance is not an option.  The loss of the former Crystal Cathedral Academy would be one more example of “dumbing down America.” Please do whatever you can to insure this fine school that produces outstanding high achievers in academics and fine arts will survive.

Dateline: March 7, 2015 – Posted: 2:30 PM PST – Email messages have been received this week from several persons who prefer to remain anonymous concerning the “firing” of Ruthie Johnson.

Ruthe has been a long time employee of the ministry, and in fact was a “legacy” employee of the Crystal Cathedral. In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s she was one of the secretaries to Dr. Robert H. Schuller.

Her current assignment at Shepherd’s Grove prior to being “let go” was in the area of large donors and legacy gifts. So why was Ruthe so abruptly terminated? We hear for no other reason than nepotism. Get rid of the “old blood” left over as a CC staff member and in with the “new blood” which in this case, we’re hearing is none other than Bobby’s wife, Hannah Schuller.

There also seems to be a sense of unrest among long time staff that they fear they will be “picked off” one by one and replaced with “newbies.”  In this case, newbies means “millennials” which should be taken to mean more wise and smarter than the older, more seasoned, crowd who, by the way are generally more experienced in life.

So, Ruthi, we who know you well will miss you. You are a real trooper who has hung in there through thick and thin. Stay well and prosper. God loves you and so do we!

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Change in format published in the Sunday bulleting for the “Church Report Update” between week 10 and week 11.

Formerly, the offering for each service has been reported. Now just the total offering is reported for week 11.

Perhaps leadership thinks less transparence is better than more transparency.

As to the reason for this change, we will leave it to the reader to draw their own conclusion.

Attendance now included for “Sprouts” a children’s class.

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