Dateline: April 2, 2014 – Readers told us that Carol Milner's Facebook page contained an entry where she reported a break-in at Dr. Schuller's residence in Orange. The Facebook entries are copied below. Police reports should be available soon to add details to this story.

Apparently Tim and Carol Milner are once again residing in the Schuller home with their children, one of whom has been caring for Dr. Schuller.

Dr. Schuller is currently at a rehab facility, but is expected to return home soon.


Carol Schuller Milner ·

2:30 a.m. wake up call went like this: "COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP... YOUR HANDS UP... YOUR HANDS UP!!!" I stumbled, half awake, into the hall of my parent's house, hands reaching out like a groping blind man. 6 cops, guns pulled and flash lights swirling, escorted me to a wing back chair. 3 surrounded me while the others crept forward into the dark hallway. An intruder was detained - handcuffed and sitting on the kitchen floor. A 2 hour search found no others. Returned to bed at 4 after the young man, evidently high, was taken away. Dramatic.

Early Morning Wake Up PT 2 (Cuz so many are asking). Details: Whilst I slept Timmy (on the other side of the house) heard tapping on the window. Then he heard someone IN THE HOUSE (voices, scuffling, and his bedroom door knob jiggling). 911 said Timmy's report was "breaking up" - bad reception - so he had to meander CLOSER to the entry from his room to the kitchen to get a signal. Cops were at the gate needing the code so he had to talk out loud AGAIN. TWELVE (at least - by their own admission it was pretty much the entire Orange police department) cops swarmed the residence and caught the guy red handed rummaging through my wallet in the kitchen. They got me up and safe and then we waited for two hours as they checked the house and the property for "the others" complete with heat sensor equipped chopper flying overhead. "Others" were never found.

Dateline: April 02, 2014 - Posted 6:15 PM PDT –  Responsible staff members have reported that Chief Operating Officer John Charles and Human Resources Manager Eileen Quinci both resigned yesterday. For reasons that aren't clear, the formal announcements will be made tomorrow.  John has threatened to leave several times before, but this decision appears firm.

John's departure is scheduled to be effective May 31, but several observers expect that he will actually leave sooner.

This is a major event. While some of John's decisions were difficult to understand at times, he guided the ministry through very difficult financial challenges and a bankruptcy process that would try the patience of a saint.  Major donors were beginning to appreciate John's commitment to living within the ministry's means, avoiding the known pitfalls of debt. We expect that many donors will be unhappy to hear this news, as we are.

John's decades of service should be recognized and applauded.  We hope he enjoys a more appropriate departure than the ministry afforded Dr. Lawrence Wilkes.

Dateline: March 15, 2014 – Posted: 10:25 PM PDT – The Buzz around Shepherd’s Grove is heating up over the prior Buzz Item posted on March 10 at 5:15 PM.  In response to that post, many reliable sources have jumped into the fray and provided more information. The following is an update.


We received correspondence from Mr. Albert late last week. He wanted us to know that all of his work for the ministry today has been as a volunteer.  We have confirmed this with the ministry leadership.

For the moment, we're reassured that clear thinkers are in charge of this situation and that Bobby's wishes or demands are just that  - Bobby's wishes.   

We'll continue to watch and report.

Dateline: March 10, 2014 – Posted: 5:15 PM PST – From a Penrod reader who wishes to remain anonymous …

Bobby was overheard bragging that Chad Blake from Tree of Life and his favorite social media guru from the Netherlands are both on the “HOP Payroll” now.

With HOP donations 25% below budget, who’s approving these hires?  Does our consistory even know this is going on?

If this is true, things are really out of control !

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