Dateline: Wednesday, April 22, 2015 – Posted 9:15 PM – – Regular readers of this site will notice that we had placed a link to this new website on the main page. You will now note that the link has been removed.

We originally believed that this site was being established to honor the memory of Dr. Schuller. After reviewing the site in more detail and reflecting on the unusual format of Monday’s memorial service, we see this site as yet another attempt by Carol Milner to make money off Dr. Schuller’s great works. is owned by Legend Mill Media, Orange CA., a for-profit company, whose use and operational rights are suspended by the CA Secretary of State. President: Carol Milner.

The website currently offers several RHS books for sale via Amazon. Carol receives royalties from these sales. We are organizing a volunteer group to maintain a catalog of Dr. Schuller’s works on this website. This catalog will contain recommended alternate locations where these works can be purchased legally without royalties flowing to Carol.

We also expect that Carol’s website will soon offer a recording of Monday’s memorial service for sale. For those who are interested in purchasing a copy, be aware that the proceeds will go to benefit Carol Milner. Carol has taken extreme measures to remind us all that she “owns” the entire service.

We agree with the vast majority of Dr. Schuller’s loyal followers; the Bankruptcy Court; Several Courts of Appeal and the US Supreme Court - Carol Milner should not reap any further benefit from Dr. Schuller’s work. She and her family have been generously paid by supporters of this ministry.

Dateline: Sunday, March 22, 2015 – Posted 8:45 PM PDT – Announced from the Pulpit today at Shepherd’s Grove. Chad Blake is named Executive Pastor. That can only mean that Pastor Bill Bennett, who until this announcement today held the title Executive Pastor.

Does this mean Pastor Bill Bennett has been “thrown under the bus?”

And no, we are not casting any aspersions toward Chad Blake. He’s just the “young guy” replacing the “the old guy.”  Remember, Bobby doesn’t like the so-called “white hairs.”

By the way, Pastor Bill Bennett was a “left over” from the Crystal Cathedral staff of pastors as is Jim Kok and Glenn DeMaster.  One can only guess which of these two are on the “hit list” next.  Maybe it could be both all though we fervently hope not.

Dateline: March 16, 2015 – Posted 9:00 PM PDT –Yesterday a curious confrontation took place on the plaza at Shepherd’s Grove during the contemporary service.  Yours truly, the webmaster, my wife and two close friends were sitting at one the tables on the plaza.  We were discussing the so-called “leadership’s” plans to close the Academy and we were formulating a strategy to keep the school open, if not at Shepherd’s Grove, then somewhere else in less hostile territory.  Since we have been building the Academy Pages on this website to generate interest in saving an excellent Christian school with a a track record of providing an excellent academic and fine arts education, it has been no secret  - this website favors keeping the school open.

Suddenly, the four of us caught a high velocity object coming toward us as if it had been propelled from somewhere toward the north. The “object” was none other that Geoff Madison. From where I sat, I could almost imagine the word, “AGENDA” stamped in bold type on his forehead - his forward speed seemed to indicate purpose and dedication.

Don’t recognize the name,? We’ll give you the background as we understand it. Geoff is a former youth pastor from somewhere in Washington state. As pastor Chad Blake’s father-in-law - Hilary Blake’s father, he was brought to Shepherd’s Grove to join the “nepotism club” and fill the position Family Life Pastor after he lost his job in Washington.

Since this whole brouhaha over the closing of the school came from nowhere, we have been trying to the identity of the instigator. After this fellow Geoff swooped in and landed himself in a chair, in a matter of a few short minutes we had a pretty good idea who the instigator is. He dived right in and began a lecture on how schools should not be attached to churches because the underprivileged can’t afford the tuition. One in our group who is financially successful pointed out that he could fund some underprivileged youth. So our wiz kid party crasher asked with a straight face, “can you afford to fund a million kids– its about equality!”  I interjected, “there is equality at birth, but no equality of outcomes. That’s the real world.” Sorry to say that comment vaporized in a nanosecond after it left my lips. I don’t think he “got it.”

Fortunately for our group of four, we had a 1 o’clock meeting to join a few others at a local restaurant– they are also part of our “save the school” team.  So, we gracefully declined to continue with “Pastor” Geoff and left, since we all were stunned and embarrassed by what he had to say.

Members of the local congregation, Hour of Power viewers, members of the Greater LA, Orange County community, we feel complaisance is not an option.  The loss of the former Crystal Cathedral Academy would be one more example of “dumbing down America.” Please do whatever you can to insure this fine school that produces outstanding high achievers in academics and fine arts will survive.

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Op Ed: “The Latest”

By Susan Greene

Alfred Station, New York

Posted: March 12, 2015

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Posted: April 12, 2015

Watch the First Ever Power

Taped January 18, 1970

Aired on February 1, 1970 on KTLA LA

Tribute to Dr. Robert H. Schuller

by Dr. Venna Bishop

Dr. Robert H. Schuller possessed the unique ability of turning an idea into a message with a witty one-liner having an indelible impact. These messages remained forever embedded in our minds. It was a thought process which drew millions to his style of preaching and many endeavored to emulate. He was masterful at conveying ways for seeking positive thoughts, actions, or results from any situation; yet confident and consistent in acknowledging and expressing his faith.

Dr. Schuller's keen interest in architecture and fervent desire to create a place of worship evolved into a campus reflecting the beauty of nature, while glorifying God. He was also a human being and, like many of us, made mistakes along the way. Yet his Institutes for Church Leadership and various women's, men's and singles conferences as well as the Crystal Cathedral Academy provided countless educational opportunities for Christian growth and advancement.

This man of vision with the determination to attempt innovative ideas resulted in what became a world wide ministry through the Hour of Power as well as the Glory of Christmas and Easter pageants. Soaring above audiences as angels, we joined a cast of talented actors and dancers, gifted musicians and dedicated volunteers bringing the good news of hope, joy and salvation to millions. Directed by creative producers, for almost thirty years, along with a competent staff and flexible stage managers, everything was a team endeavor involving skilled load-in/load-out crews, detail oriented angel pilots, sound and light technicians, as well as friendly gracious ushers and tour guides. Sometimes watching the unpredictable behaviors and antics of working with animals, brought moments of laughter during the pageants reminded Dr. Schuller of his Iowa farm heritage.

Personally, I shared a unique relationship with Dr. Schuller as an Hour of Power pulpit guest the Sunday morning I soared over the congregation as a flying angel. With a twinkle in his eye Dr. Schuller stepped out from behind the lectern just as my angel pilots lowered me. To everyone's amazement, Dr. Schuller suddenly disappeared underneath my skirts as I landed RIGHT ON TOP OF HIM!  When he came out from under the yards of fabric in my angelic gown he smoothed his silver grey hair, covered his red face, and gave me a big hug. He rose above his embarrassment with his cheerful quick-witted comment, “Now I know what angels wear!” That incident launched my speaking and writing career on the topic, It's Not How You Fly, It's How You LAND!”

On April 2. 2015, Dr. Robert H. Schuller landed in the Lord's Heavenly Kingdom. His remains were laid to rest on April 20, 2015, on the very grounds from which he launched his ministry.

*Dr. Venna Bishop was a flying angel volunteer from San Jose and author of “Behind the Scenes – Photos+Stories = Glory Pageants” - the only pictorial (over 200) historical account of the Glory of Christmas and Glory of Easter pageants.

The Christ Cathedral plaza (formerly Crystal Cathedral) begins to fill with those attending the funeral service for Dr. Robert H. Schuller, founding pastor of the Crystal Cathedral.

See more photos on second main page

Schuller laid to rest  Orange County Register article by Deepa Bharath.

April 20, 2015 - Updated 5:30 pm.