Dateline: December 14, 2014 – Posted: 4:00 PM PST – Great News! The original production crew is returning and taping of the original Hour of Power format will begin around the first of the new year.

The scheduled airing of the original Hour of Power format is tentatively around the third week of January.

UPDATE: December 15, 2014 – To make it clear, it is the Television Production crew that is returning; not as employees of the ministry, but as contractors– i.e., Warshaw Television Productions.

Dateline: December 7, 2014 – Posted: 2:00 PM PST – A group of age 40 somethings were overheard outside church this morning discussing the declining status of the ministry. One of them summed it up this way and the group agreed.

Below is the summary of the remarks:

Bobby’s evening Taize service – FAILURE!

Bobby’s new television production team – FAILURE!

Bobby’s new format for the Hour of Power – FAILURE!

Bobby’s excessive spending on the sanctuary makeover – FAILURE

Their summary questions:   “What is the common element here?  When will the consistory ‘get it’ and remove Bobby from being in charge and/or replace him?”

Dateline: November 24, 2014 – Posted 7:45 AM PST  -  Confusion this weekend surrounding this week’s HOP telecast.  Some outlets showed the new program (2338) while others aired reruns. We asked people who should know on Sunday and got no answers, so we’ll assume it’s another production snafu by this new amateur production team.

This comment from a local TV viewer in Southern California..

“If they’re going to show reruns, why don’t they bring back some of the real shows, so we have something decent to watch”

Dateline: November  19, 2014 – Posted 8:30 PM PST – Received from a regular attendee of the Evening Service.

Pastor Bennett told the group that he was worried about the ministry's finances,  He said he wasn't sure they had enough money to finish the year. HOP donations have gone down to almost nothing with the new format. One of our friends thinks Bill also said that he was embarrassed being a consistory member. He and two others thinking about resigning.

UPDATE: November 24 - Bill Bennett approached us yesterday and wanted us to believe that the story above was untrue and hurtful.  We’ve double-checked - triple checked - with people who were there.  We’re sticking with the story.

Dateline: November 16, 2014 – Posted 7:00 PM PST – An HOP viewer offers this opinion:

“One of the things which jumps out glaring in the new HOP format is the broadcast beginning with photos of beautiful classic churches while the sound track is a swooshing synthesizer sound trying terribly to make the sound of a church organ i.e. a pop music sound guy who thinks an organ is just pushing the "organ" button on his keyboard. Of course going from the beautiful classic churches to a shot of the random cabin motif of Shepherd's Grove is also head scratching.

To anyone with any education this obvious disconnect from the first moment of the HOP broadcast says something [to the viewer], is very unaware, isolated, uninformed, unsophisticated and not wanting to attract aware, informed, and sophisticated people.”

Dateline: November 9, 2014 – Posted 1:00 PM PST – Looking at the “Church Report Update” published in the Sunday church bulletin today, and also on this website, it’s beginning to look like the “new Hour of Power format” is negatively impacting donations.

The “church side” is listed as being $70,970.00 short of goal and on the Hour of Power side it is listed as being $647,074.00 short of goal. Just a week or so ago, the church side was approximately $32,000,00 short of goal. This raises the question, are donors voting on the new HOP format with their wallets?  What do you think?

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Note:  Program 2341 contains a segment “Why Music Matters.” While we feel this is a powerful and necessary statement in behalf of great music, in our opinion it should have been introduced to the congregation from the pulpit by clergy and on the big screen and transitioned from the the big screen to the segment as was done at the CC on the Jumbotron rather than ‘pasted’ in as if it were a space filler.

What do you think?

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