Dateline: August 18, 2014 – Posted 5:15 PM PDT  

We’ve received several positive comments on yesterday’s musical selections. Too bad they won’t be seen by the HOP audience.

Kudos to musical Director Marc Riley for maintaining high standards of music selections, guest and performers that congregants and HOP viewers have come to expect.

Dateline: August 10, 2014 – Posted 10:00 PM PDT – A note from a long-time member.

I was a regular attendee of the evening service, since 1997. I left after Bill Bennett and Sandy Herron, were treated horribly by Bobby Schuller. Imposing the Taize' service on the older evening crowd was the last straw. I see, from your informative web site, that things have only gotten worse. Your open letter to Bobby Schuller, summed it up pretty well. Sometimes it's best to move along to a new church, that does not have the acrimony and internal politics. I found a new home and I'm quite happy.

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Dateline: August 9, 2014 – Posted 3:00 PM PDT – Comments received today from a regular reader / contributor.

If you want to complain about the audio situation, talk to Chad Blake.  Jason, our new audio expert is his friend.  So much for cronyism. Out with the old cronies, in with the new.

He's getting paid real well, too.  Jason is almost as expensive as the whole Sunday crew was.

It was never about saving money. Everbody knows that.

Dateline: August 6, 2014 – Posted 8:24 AM PDT – We’re hearing comments from congregants about last Sunday’s service, the first conducted by two TOL pastors.

Audio quality… addition of standard RCA liturgy elements…. service only 45 minutes long … no orchestra… no interview  guests. These changes attracted attention.

It’s too early to draw conclusions after one week, but we may have a number of congregants who are really counting on quality guests and music every Sunday.  Even our fine bell choir was apparently not enough.

We’re told that leadership is aware of these concerns.  We’ll be following comments and trends in coming weeks.

Law360, Los Angeles (August 04, 2014) -- The Ninth Circuit on Monday denied Crystal Cathedral Ministries founder Dr. Robert H. Schuller's $5 million compensation claim in the church's bankruptcy, ruling he was entitled to only one-year's compensation under an employment agreement written when he stepped down as senior pastor.

Upholding a California federal judge's affirmation of a bankruptcy court's November 2012 decision that Schuller was only entitled to $600,000, the appeals court held in a split decision that he was an employee, and therefore the parties' "transition agreement" amounted to an employment contract.



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Orange County Register article by Chris Haire

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Dateline: August 28, 2014 – Posted 5:00 PM PDT – A comment from a reader of our recent editorial - worth sharing.

First, you & others have talked about members leaving the church. They need to remember that it is THEIR church, not Bobby's. Bobby works for them, not the other way around. The Consistory serves at the pleasure of the membership. While a pastor & ruling body can't bend & sway with every little breeze of public opinion, they must consider the wishes of the majority. If people aren't happy, rather than leaving, I hope they stay & fight for their church.

The congregation … has been through much. I believe they are strong, discouraged but strong. I would hope the members have the faith & strength to do what they must to reclaim THEIR church.

Dateline: August 28, 2014 – Posted 5:00 PM PDT  

We’re wondering…

Who are the members of the congregational committee that is supposed to be making suggestions for consistory candidates? Were they involved in recommending Russ Jacobson? Where are we on getting nine members elected to the consistory, as promised?

Anyone have any ideas?