Dateline: February 26, 2015 – Posted 8:20 PM PST – Received via email from long time Hour of Power viewer:

How can anyone act surprised at the prospect of the sale of the property? As I understood it, those were the terms all along—i.e. a lease with emphatically escalating rental fees intended (I assume) to encourage the SG community to work hard at fundraising so as to purchase the property or to move elsewhere ASAP. The Diocese does not owe the SGers a Peter Pan ride into the unforeseeable future.

The urgency of growing a significant property fund has loomed more ominously with each passing week of budget shortfalls. The congregation should have been aggressively pursuing that as a #1 survival priority from the start. There never was time for trailing fingers in the stream.

And how does a boundless burger bonanza fit into this? Sounds like a frat party with strangers and their dogs crashing in for a feed and departing, burping. Maybe getting Bobby in front of the camera was thought to be the way to solve the cash flow problem, but given his recent expansive invitation, it seems clear he doesn’t get it.



Dateline: February 22, 2015 – Posted 3:00 PM PST – John Townend, Director of Hour of Power International was honored today at Shepherd’s Grove for his 40 years of service to the ministry. His retirement from the ministry was celebrated after church on the Plaza with a punch and cake reception.

John was interviewed by Dr. Lawrence Wilkes at the Crystal Cathedral on Sunday, May 13, 2013. The transcript of the interview is located as follows: John Townend interview with Dr. Lawrence Wilkes.

John Townend

Dateline February 11, 2015 – Posted February 12, 2015 – Received via Email

As a viewer of the Hour of Power since childhood, I'm 35, just two quick observations regarding the continuing sad saga.

In a recent update of Robert A. Schuller, he stated that he is grateful that his father Robert Schuller senior knows who he is, but that he obviously suffers from dementia - Not remembering for example that his wife is deceased. One wonders who in fact is resurrecting lawsuits. It is highly doubtful that it is Robert H. Schuller.

Secondly. As much as I am happy that the HoP format as returned to a church service format it is clunky to say the best. There is no normal opening prayer, no closing blessing, no relatable insightful preaching. The barn motif has been covered in blue lights with a horrendous array of potted plants with price stickers still attached. The opening visual of Shepherd's Grove shows an asphalt parking lot with a strip mall structure with huge air conditioning units. Anyone who understands the slightest bit about a highly visual culture would know this type of visual is a disaster turning people off - its amateurish. If the medium is the message - the viewer now will soon be checked out! The current medium now reads 'junk'.

I continue to be flabbergasted to the extent that various successions of management and pastoring following Schuller Sr. hasn't known how to build upon his preaching and visual success. Yes, it was always 'marketed' but he had a savvy they all lack.

Dr. James Hadley

Chet Tolson

Dateline: February 17, 2015 – Posted 8:15 PM PST – Dr. Chet Tolson transitioned into eternal life last Saturday, February 14. Dr. Tolson was an aide to Dr. Robert H. Schuller during the 1980’s and early 1990’s.

Chet Tolson was also active in the Institute for Successful Church Leadership, at the Crystal Cathedral.

More to follow on this item as information becomes available.

Dateline: February 16, 2015 – Posted February 21, 2015 – Received via Email in response to the submission below from  Dr. James Hadley.

I must say it finally hit me: nitpicking to mention the price stickers? Overtly, yes. A trifle.

But this is not just about sillies at SG. It is about the transcendence of Yahweh and how we dance for it.

I think it is an excellent approach to think in terms of (difficult) order and (easy) chaos. Like Dr Hadley, I am VISUAL and understand the power of what we see. I suspect the reason the stickers bothered him is that it means someone elected to admit chaos by not removing them. Humanity's best accomplishments are achieved by refining details and eliminating irrelevancies, even if it means an extra hour or ounce of blood. The least accomplishments take the least time and effort, and minimal sacrifice. That means a price sticker is no longer a nit when a fine outcome—like improving a sacred space—is the goal. Ordinary people carp when an extraordinary person who gets the job done superbly—say Fred Swann, Don Neuen or Phillip Johnson—requires extra time or demands laser-focused effort. Often this excellence deservedly commands a high price.

Shrugging off “small" things is to miss what the great accomplishers take care of. You can gripe about the inconvenience of working for high achievers; you can sneer at them for being "anal-retentive" (a popular epithet a couple of decades ago) or nowadays, "obsessive-compulsive." Who gets the job done right? Whose mind-blowing or spirit-elevating offering is remembered fondly decades or centuries? Great artists, musicians, architects, decorators, writers, teachers, plumbers, confectioners—creators serving their Lord within them—do not leave price stickers on.


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Dear friends,

Attached is a flier announcing a fun event for the Shepherds Grove Schools open to the community.

SG SCHOOLS has been required to relocate and no longer be a part of the Shepherds Grove Church after June of this year.

The attached event has been organized by teachers and staff to raise funds and cause community awareness.

Everyone is invited to the present campus on Saturday, March 7.

Many of you know that my daughter, Christine Dey, is a teacher at the school and my granddaughter Jillian is a student.

The anticipated move will cost $30,000 and upgrades wherever they move will cost $20,000 or more.

Thank you for your support.

Dr. Lawrence Wilkes

The operators of

Pens Opinion

encourage your support for this outstanding Christian School