New Shepherd’s Grove Organ installation completed

As most of you know, the Ministry purchased Frederick Swann’s residence organ for use in its new facility (currently home to St. Callistus). The installation and voicing was recently completeed. The organ is a custom designed 4‐manual Rodgers digital organally built for Fred Swann. In recognition of his service to the Ministry, it will be known as the Fred Swann Organ.

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7 Responses to New Shepherd’s Grove Organ installation completed

  1. George says:

    Other than Fred Swann, who is pictured here?

  2. organ4christ says:

    In this picture, the man standing in the back in the dark blue shirt is Robert Tall, a Rodgers dealer and the one doing the installation and voicing of this instrument. Frederick Swann is sitting on the bench and on the right is Tom Leonard, the current organist at the Crystal Cathedral and will be following the congregation to Shepherd’s Grove.

  3. Does the Rodgers have its original voicing, or has it been updated/modified for its new location? It certainly looks a very handsome console.

    • CentralOC says:

      The voicing has been undergoing customization for the new location under the direction of Robert Tall, pictured above. Hence, the voicing will be expressly unique to this location.

  4. George says:

    Thanks. I’m sure this instrument will be just fine in the new space — I think lots of people are happy this worked out the way it did. Blessings as you move forward and upward.

  5. organ4christ says:

    For those that do not know the process of installing an electronic organ into a worship center like this … It is much more than merely, “plugging it in”.

    Robert Tall with his years of experience takes the organ and adjusts hundreds if not thousands of settings to get it to “fit in” to the exact acoustical specifications of this building. Robert Tall first met with the music department, (Tom, Don, etc) and was able to understand the sound that they were looking for, then once the speakers and console were in place, he went through a tedious process of going stop (or sound) by stop, note by note to get the best sound possible for that room. The most important part of an organ, to be honest, is the setting that it is in. Once this marriage is complete between room and organ, the organ will sound glorious – not too loud, not too soft. It will address acoustical nuances of the room regarding low notes and high notes. So hats off to Robert Tall and his team of associates that did a great job in this installation. What a blessing for Tom Leonard to be able to play and a blessing for the church to be able to continue with high quality music that includes the organ.

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