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I'm retired, living in Rancho Mirage near Palm Springs. When I joined the Crystal Cathedral over 30 years ago I told the people interviewing me that my primary interest in the church was the Hazel Wright organ. I spend the summers in Long Beach so I am able to attend Shepherd's Grove every Sunday. In the winter (October thru May) I come in from the Palm Springs area about once a month to attend Shepherd's Grove and usher at Segerstrom Center for the Arts Concert Hall that has a fine pipe organ.

See Bobby in the Netherlands

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Welcome SG’s new organist – Sae Wan Yang

The Hour of Power for April 6 can be seen now on the main page of pens-opinion. _ Share this:

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Entire CC portion of Church Secrets

Portions of this video are on the second main page & in my 3/17 blog: “Church Secrets…” but here is the entire video of the portion of the program on the Crystal Cathedral. Share this:

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Not able to Log In? & HOP on this blog

I have not been able to Log In recently. I click ‘Log In’ on the right column & nothing happens. I was able to log in using this address: *** I was asked in emails why I deleted the … Continue reading

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More on housing allowances & finances

Jeff, Thank you for the previous blog “Housing Allowance Clarification…”. You state, “I was upset at how blown out of proportion and taken out of context the subject of the housing allowance was used by OC media in the bankruptcy.” … Continue reading

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Church Secrets – new video & transcription (copy & paste – transcription of video below.) REVISED & EXPANDED WITH TRANSCRIPTION OF END OF PROGRAM — SUNDAY, 3/23 *** This program “Church Secrets” was on the Travel Channel 10 pm on Sunday, 3/16 and repeated 3/23 at … Continue reading

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How to save SG by organ4christ

(This comment by organ4christ is too good to be lost in the comments below so I repeat it here:) “What is it that the SG Congregation wants? On one hand, everyone wants a younger congregation that is growing and thriving. … Continue reading

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